Friends of Norris Lake

Supporting our lake and community

We are a non-profit organization of volunteer community residents committed to the preservation and enhancement of our community.

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The door to Friends of Norris Lake is always open to any residents interested in volunteering their talents and time to keeping our community and lake beautiful, fun, and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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February 25TH, 2015

Join us, Thursday, at the clubhouse for our next meeting! Come share your ideas about upcoming events and meet other active members of your community.

January 2016 Meeting Minutes
Norris Lake Meeting Minutes


An old saying states that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” FONL members have devoted a decade of thousands of collective community service hours to make a positive difference in our Norris Lake landscape. We bond, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our work with parties, festivals, and an annual fishing tournament.

FONL Meetings

February FONL Meeting

Thursday, February 25th at 7:30PM at the Clubhouse.

Annual Fishing Tournament

Annual Fishing Tournament

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Projects and Events

See our event schedule below for the latest events and activites in Norris Lake.


Halloween Costume Event and Movie

Septic Tank Workshop 2015 @ Clubhouse - Monday, November 2nd, 7:00 PM
Homeowners Meeting @ Clubhouse - November 2, 2015, 8:00 PM


SpringFest 2015 - May 14th
(Raindate May 21st)


Get involved in planning the next project to better or beautify our lake and community. Our monthly Friends of Norris Lake meetings are the place to discuss, upcoming events, community renovations, and neighborhood issues.


Meeting Minutes - January 2016

Springfest is on it's way and headed to Norris Lake in mid-May. Talk has begun about a Fallfest, too! Details on these topics and more in the January meeting minutes.

Meeting Agenda - March 2016

Matheny Park alttice idea, fishing tournament details, Springfest, and Fallfest are the planned topics. Looking to weigh in? Comment? Volunteer? Join us at the March 31st meeting.

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

Join Us!

Friends of Norris Lake meet monthly at 7:30pm on the last Thursday of each month (except December) at the clubhouse to collectively plan our activities.

Membership in FONL is limited to former, current, and prospective residents of the Norris Lake community, although anyone is welcome to participate in any of our events.


New members are warmly welcomed and quickly develop many close friendships as we collectively work together toward a common goal of ensuring that Norris Lake remains the crown jewel of our community.


Attend one of our meetings, make a commitment to join, and participate in activities as personal circumstance permit. For an annual contribution of $25.00 or more, you will be a Supporting Member with full voting privileges at all our meetings. Inquire at your next meeting about additional donation tiers.

FONL HOW DO I JOIN? ==========

The Friends of Norris Lake (FONL) is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) community service organization composed of residents committed to the health and preservation of 96-acre Norris Lake. FONL operates apart from the Homeowners Association (HOA). Even so, our activities are closely coordinated with the HOA Board of Directors. Funding for our many projects is self-generated by member contributions and semi-annual festivals at Matheny Park that include a fishing tournament, live music, food, games, and raffles. Our members, actively employed and retired, bring many FREE LABOR skills to the table—engineering, construction, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, computer, to name a few—and FREE USE OF PERSONAL HEAVY EQUIPMENT that melds it all together to materially expand the scope of our activities. In addition, we are actively involved in fish population sampling and control studies; fecal coliform testing of lake waters; restoration, purchase and installation of Park and Beach amenities; placement of channel markers; and members are participate in monitoring the sensors and control mechanisms of our new state-of-the-art dam that automatically control lake water levels during periods of heavy rains.

Our Mission and Commitment

The Friends of Norris Lake (FONL) was formed in January 1999 with the initial goal of assisting the Norris Lake Home Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors in finding fairer, more practical, and long term ways to generate additional funds for lake maintenance.

The impetus for FONL’s birth was the HOA Board’s proposal to raise additional funds by levying fees on residents’ boats, which met with angry opposition and was tabled. Since its inception, FONL has raised thousands of dollars through concerned member contributions and fund raisers to underwrite activities such as dredging, dam reinforcement, channel marker installation and upkeep, restoration of common beach areas, installing protective fencing to secure boat launch areas and environmental enhancements.


The Friends of Norris Lake
is a non-profit organization of volunteer community residents committed to the long term preservation and enhancement of the environmental health, recreational safety and security of our lake, attendant shorelines, infrastructure and facilities.


Norris Lake is the unique 96-acre centerpiece of our relatively pristine and serene urban environment only 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta. To improve community quality of life and sustain increasing property values, the Friends of Norris Lake advocate and unequivocally commit our resources to the achievement of the following long-term objectives of our organization:

  • An efficient silt protected watershed
  • Seawall protection of all lakefront property
  • A lake with a minimum uniform depth of six feet
  • A septic free environment
  • Open dialogue with public officials to resolve political issues
  • Integrated liaison and planning with the HOA Board of Directors
  • Peninsula and beaches beautification
  • Elimination of abandoned lakeside structures, boats
  • Conduct studies of purity of lake waters and improvements to fish and wildlife habitat
  • Participate in community litter control activities
  • Plan and conduct community-wide activities that promote good will
  • Develop and sustain secure communication avenues to our residents
  • Achieve 10% community membership in the FONL organization
  • Promote diversity of membership and leadership

Guiding Principles

To realize our Mission and Vision, the Friends of Norris Lake follow 7 guiding principles:

  1. Keep promises and follow through on commitments
  2. Take full advantage of the rich experiences and abilities of community residents
  3. Seek input and involvement of those affected by a decision
  4. Recognize, value and honor the needs and perspectives of others
  5. Actions, decisions and policies should promote harmony and teamwork
  6. Regard and value contributions and recognize accomplishments
  7. Work, learn and strive for excellence together, sharing successes and mistakes


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Contact Us

Comments and submissions are welcomed. Please send them to

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